Twinkle + James | Hakone Estate & Gardens | Saratoga, CA

When Twinkle and James first contacted me I sadly had to tell them I had a pending inquiry on their date. They totally understood the situation and patiently waited for any changes. The hardest part of my job as a wedding photographer is telling my couples I’m booked. This just kills me inside and if I could I would do every wedding that came my way. The cutest thing about these two was that they never gave up hope. They followed up with me every week, but I never had any changing updates for them. Several weeks passed and I never hear back from my first inquiry. I later found out that they moved on with someone else; giving me some excuse that I was no longer in there budget. I only wished they told me this earlier! Right before I was going to contact Twinkle and James to give them the good news, they send me a quick Youtube video of their proposal. The moment I saw it, I instantly fell in love! I shared the video with my wife and her response was “I love them babe! Don’t let them get away!” It’s funny how things work out and I’m so grateful for having these two in our lives. The love and respect they both have for one another is so refreshing to see, it solidifies everything I do as a wedding photographer. It also makes it easier to photograph them as well! Cindy and I are honored to be their planner and photographer dynamic duo and we can’t wait for their special day!

On July 13th, 2014, while on vacation in Cabo – James tricked his girlfriend into thinking one of her friends (who owns a travel company) had set up a private dinner on the beach for them and their four closest friends. The resort set up a projector and screen under the pretense that they would be watching a movie under the stars. (A warning before you click on the link, this video may contain lovable moments too cute for the average person and may cause dizzy spells… enjoy!)  Twinkle + James Proposal 

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